Enjoy my extended collection of photographs from Beijing! Many are not attached to any blog post, and are exclusively displayed (hidden) here, because they are just so great (terrible).

Flight to China

My flight from Charlotte, NC, USA to Beijing, China

40 Photos

At the Beijing Airport

A few photos from the airport in Beijing.

4 Photos


Pictures of my apartment

3 Photos

Nearby Places

Some of the places near my apartment.

4 Photos


1 Photos


  • Zhixiang Zhu (3128 days)

    Cool! I like sky, I like flying!

  • Zhixiang Zhu (3128 days)

    Your room is brighter than mine since yours is facing east while mine is facing west :-P .

  • Quick update (3128 days)

    [...] Photos « The Curse of the Cucumber [...]

  • 94Brock (556 days)

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