computeronfire Unfortunately, my laptop computer died on me this past Saturday night. It won’t come on, and gives me some weird beep code. It’s likely a motherboard and/or power controller issue. Luckily, it is still under warranty for two more months (thanks NCSU for making my buy the 3 year warranty!). I’ve gone through several phone numbers, and I finally have the number for the local service depot, so tomorrow I will call them and find out how to get my computer serviced.

If it is indeed a motherboard issue (or something similarly serious), I expect it will take several days for repairs. So for now, I’ll just use my workstation in the office after hours. Unfortunately, the best game on here is Minesweeper, which, although surprisingly addicting, doesn’t quite live up to the gaming experience of Call of Duty. So for now, I’ll be reduced to exploring the wonders of China for weekend entertainment.

Oh wait, nevermind; Success has a Wii.


(Thanks to this guy for creating the burning computer pic)