So you want to learn Chinese, but don’t think you have the time? This guide isn’t for you. Maybe you have some time, and you want to become fluent in Chinese? Nope.

But maybe you just need to learn some survival Chinese fast, so you can get around as a tourist? Now you’re talking.

Still no.

This is Drew’s Guide to Learning Chinese in an Arbitrarily Long Period of Time*. I cannot guarantee that you will learn fluent Chinese from reading it, nor can I guarantee any specific amount of time that it will take. But I can guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun reading it!

*whisper whisper* What’s that? *whisper* Huh? *whisper*

Ok, my lawyers have informed he that we can’t guarantee that, either. So I guess the only remaining reason to read this guide is, well, because you’ve arbitrarily decided to do so!

THAT at least is okay to say, right? *whisper whisper* Seriously?!

…although other unknown and/or unforseen reasons may in fact exist, for which we accept no responsibility or liability.

*whisper whisper whi-* *THWAP*

So what CAN you expect? In this “guide”, I’ll be writing down info about Chinese characters, words, and phrases I’ve learned, as well as some things about about the Chinese language in general. So far I’ve not really spent the time to sit down and read a (real) Chinese tutorial at any length, so most of the content here comes from:

  • Me looking up characters from signs using my phone’s dictionary
  • Online dictionaries
  • Conversations with Success or others
  • My inference from signs

I really do need to get around to learning some survival phrases from a book, but until then, there’s this guide! Next time I’ll begin by posting some general rules and concepts in the Chinese language, and from there we’ll look at different symbols and phrases that I’ve found. You can follow the posts pertaining to this guide at this link.

Thanks for reading this post of arbitrary content!

* an arbitrary abbreviation of the full title, “Drew’s Arbitrary Guide to Learning an Arbitrary Amount of an Arbitrary Language Like Chinese in an Arbitrarily Long Period of Time, in an Arbitrarily Arbitrary Manner (with an Arbitrary Number of Occurrences of the Word Arbitrary).”